Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back from my week-end away

Hey Bunstas, how y'all doing?
I've been away staying at Auntie Sue's...she looks after me when the boys go away for more than a day. Auntie Sue runs the Southampton Rabbit rescue, and bunny boarding. We all get together from time to time, ya know, natter about the good old days, and enjoy a game of Billiards, or Poker with a few cigars and a rather fine Cognac!

The boyz went off to The Big Chill festival. I tried...I really tried everything to go, but they thought It wasn't my scene? How very dare they...a festival not my scene...

I can't complain, as ever, I had a wikkid time a Sues, she's such a groovy lady, and when I got home, the boyz had got rid of my cage altogether. I now have an open plan room, and freedom to roam the place at will. Us buns can be trusted after all......or so they think !!

Bertie Bunny is well happy!

BOYZ: and a little spoilt......

Ciao for now,
come back soon,
or I'll miss you...