Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Been away for a bit...

Hello Bunsters!
Sorry for the bunny break, we've had family (not mine) staying for a few weeks and everything's been topsey turvey for a while. There's been some sadness around and my Boyz haven't been themselves, I don't know what's up but I've been trying my best to be discreet and not get in anyone's way.
I had to surrender my lovely room to a Mummy, and I've been roughing it in the lounge, where I'm allowed to sleep on the sofa!! Even I didn't think I could be trusted in there free roam, but, well, like I said, I didn't want to cause any more upset, so I've been really good and only nibbled a couple of things that were of little importance, but I'm dying to get my teeth into the HiFi speakers...

I don't know how much longer this is going to take, but I am now starting to disapprove of my lack of room, and privacy..I never get a moment to myself, or a chance to get my bunny buddies from the woods over to stay, or free reign with the's enough to turn even the mildest meekest rabbit into a Disapproving Rabbit....and no surprise then that I became one...

I'm working through my issues with the help of Jeremy Vile, who seems to be on the magic window a lot in the mornings when the Boyz are out...nothing to do with me I hasten to add....but apparently I may have to take a Pie defector test or summut...? Any other bunsters done this before?

Best go, Dinner is nearly served, I hope it won't be too long before I can get on here again, i do miss it and you all.

Binkys and Burpies,
Bertie xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back from my week-end away

Hey Bunstas, how y'all doing?
I've been away staying at Auntie Sue's...she looks after me when the boys go away for more than a day. Auntie Sue runs the Southampton Rabbit rescue, and bunny boarding. We all get together from time to time, ya know, natter about the good old days, and enjoy a game of Billiards, or Poker with a few cigars and a rather fine Cognac!

The boyz went off to The Big Chill festival. I tried...I really tried everything to go, but they thought It wasn't my scene? How very dare they...a festival not my scene...

I can't complain, as ever, I had a wikkid time a Sues, she's such a groovy lady, and when I got home, the boyz had got rid of my cage altogether. I now have an open plan room, and freedom to roam the place at will. Us buns can be trusted after all......or so they think !!

Bertie Bunny is well happy!

BOYZ: and a little spoilt......

Ciao for now,
come back soon,
or I'll miss you...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Food from Watership Down!

I'm such a lucky loved bun! The boyz went for a looong walk on Sunday to Watership, which isn't too far from here, leaving me alone for the afternoon, (or so they thought....I got all the buns from the woods behind us over for an afternoon of 'Lemmings' on the PS3...however, I digress...)

The views from the top are stunning eh?

And then, bless them, went on the scrounge for some wild treats for me !
So I got this lovely bouquet and tucked right in!

We nearly got caught playing Lemmings though, cos it's so addictive that we forgot the time, but we heard the car and 20 buns had to flee! I'm not allowed to bring the wild wood buns in from the woods, but hey... I got away with it, they'll never know!

Ciao for now, come back soon, or I'll miss you...

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Welcome, I've arrived!

Well, I am here...Bertie Bunny, Suave, sophisticated and really rather funny...and finally they've got me a Bunny Log, which I think you young Kits call a 'Blog'. I need to pour my heart out to the world from time to time, and I'm sure the world really is ready to hear just how amazing my life is. Well, I think it is!

So what now...let's talk about favourite veggies, games, toys, which food d'ya like?
Naaa, lets eat to the beet and talk about me...

I'm a house bunny in Hampshire. I live with a couple of well chilled dudes and we have a pretty reeelaxed time of it, listening to music, gaming, or watching the TV, building cardboard warrens and all getting along with our bizze bizzee lives in our Fab little flat!

My hobbies are:
eating, Elvis, car programmes and games (watching, not participating, waaay too many buttons...), running at 100MPH, eating some more, sleeping, helping make flat-pack, repair anything, looking for new hidey-hols, rug munching, chewing, playing 'Tag' and relaxing with a fine blackberry and good company.

I dine on all the best foods and veggies, and some wild treats from the local fields.

I have my own appartment within this place, and am a happy attatchments for me, far too much hassle, I'm sticking with the eeezzeee life!

Ciao for now, come back soon, or I'll miss you...